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Friday, November 04, 2005

DotNetNuke Tutorials: The World At Your Fingertips

Here is a whole series of DotNetNuke Video Tutorials released in issue 1 of DNN Creative Magazine.

Module Video Tutorial / Reviews - News, Articles, and Announcements Modules

Efficion Consulting Articles Module V3.1.5 and 3.2 Beta Review Video - Free
(41 mins)

Orizonti Nuke News V1.3 Module Review Video
(30 mins)

Scott McCulloch News Articles Module V00.04.09 Review Video
(30 mins)

Rogue Proeliator News Items Module Review Video
(24 mins)

ByDesign Advanced Announcements Module Review Video
(39 mins)


Beginners Guides:

An Introduction to the principles of DotNetNuke - Free

DotNetNuke® Quick Start Guide Video - (25 mins) - Free

How to optimize an image before uploading it to your website - Free

DotNetNuke Core Modules:
The DotNetNuke Announcements module Video - (14 mins)


Security Roles, Users and Pages (Videos totalling 34 mins)

DNN Users & Setting the Registration Options

Specifying Required Fields Upon Registration

User Accounts: Adding / Editing / Deleting / Viewing

Working with Security Roles

Assigning a security role to a user account

Basic Introduction to working with pages

Assigning Security Roles to Pages & Modules

FeaturesDotNetNuke® Hosting - Free


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