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Friday, January 20, 2006

DotNetNuke CSS Skins & the Peekaboo bug

It's interesting developing a CSS skin in DNN. You can create a fully working design as a .html page, but then once you change it into a DNN skin, browser errors begin to show their ugly faces.

I'm particulalrly developing skins that are using float properties rather than fixed absolute positioning to create as fluid and flexible skin as possible.

Unfortunately quite a few browser errors can occur when using floats.

One particular error that I am discovering more and more is the Peekaboobug. - This shows up in the IE6 browser. You will find that your images will randomly disappear. - As well as images, within DNN, this also includes your Token links such as your breadcrumbs, search register etc.

There is a discussion here which discusses a hack and an explanation of the Peekaboo bug along with other IE bugs.

If you are looking for tutorials regarding DotNetNuke and skinning, here are 16 videos to get you started: Skinning Tutorial

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