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Friday, March 06, 2009

DataSprings Opt In Email and Email Deliverability

DNN Creative have released issue 42 of the DotNetNuke Magazine.

This issue issue demonstrates how to use DataSprings Opt In Email module and how email can be a powerful tool for obtaining and maintaining new clients and customers.

Firstly we demonstrate how you can use DataSprings Opt In Email module effectively, and how it can provide as much funtionality as a third party ESP (Email Service Provider).

Next we have an article on how to improve email deliverability and get the most out of your subscriber mailing list.The article takes you through the steps needed to create a high quality mailing list so you know you are getting your message out to the right people and you are maximising the exposure of your website.

The knowledge gained from this and previous issues will give you all the tools you need to create high quality email campaigns for marketing your websites.

For the final item in this issue we have our latest podcast from our DotNetNuke News series.

This issue comes complete with 10 videos and 1 podcast!

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