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Monday, November 21, 2005

Tutorial: How to add the RSS feeds and earn a 10% referral bonus

I thought you would be interested in this sneak preview of a free tutorial from issue 4 of the magazineā€¦

As most of you will know, sell DotNetNukeĀ® related products from Module and Skin developers. also provide a 10% referral bonus scheme. If one of your website visitors clicks on a link to and makes a purchase, you receive 10% of the customer sales.

Following a request, agreed to create some RSS feeds so that I could easily display their latest products on DNN Creative Magazine and receive a 10% commission on sales.

Displaying an RSS feed on your website means that as soon as performs an update to their website, the updates are automatically added to the RSS feed, meaning that you can display the latest products, or top ten sales without having to do any work.

This free tutorial demonstrates how to add your own referral ID to the RSS feed that provide and how to display this feed on your own website.

This tutorial uses the free News Feeds (RSS) core module. You do not need to purchase any modules to set this up.

If you are using the Orizonti Nuke Feeds module, there are also templates at the end of this tutorial especially for Nuke Feeds.

How to add the RSS feeds to your DotNetNuke portal and earn a 10% referral bonus


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