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Monday, February 06, 2006

DotNetNuke Skinning tip for learning

There is a useful tool to study other DNN skins that have been created and also to test your own skins.

If you are searching around DNN sites and you find a menu that you like, or a design you like, you can download the CSS code and view how they created the menu effect. - To do this: - Download and install the firefox browser.

and then install the web developers toolbar plugin available from here:

You can then select the CSS selection and select view CSS - this is a really useful tool for quickly learning solpart techniques as well as general design techniques. Within the developers toolbar are also further tools for testing your web designs.

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If you are looking for tutorials regarding DotNetNuke and skinning, here are 16 videos to get you started: DotNetNuke Skinning Tutorial Videos.

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