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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

6 DotNetNuke Video Tutorials - Installing DotNetNuke to Vista and using Virtual PC

DNN Creative have released issue 31 of the DotNetNuke Magazine.

In this issue we demonstrate how to install DotNetNuke to Windows Vista and how to use Virtual PC 2007. To begin with, we walk you through how to configure and install the required programmes for DotNetNuke using a fresh installation of Windows Vista Ultimate and then demonstrate the installation of DotNetNuke to Windows Vista.

Following this, we show you how to setup and use Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007. Virtual PC virtualizes the hardware of a physical computer; this means that a Virtual PC uses a standard hardware configuration which is not reliant on the hardware of the host computer. Therefore you can transfer a Virtual PC to another host computer without any software driver issues.

Virtual PC is ideal for setting up various applications when working with DotNetNuke. There are many possibilities for improving your working environment by using Virtual PC and in this tutorial we provide a quick start guide to Virtual PC.

Due to demand we are now also releasing the videos in 2 formats, Flash and WMV, and of course the videos will still be available to download direct to your computer – no streaming!

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