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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pure CSS SEO Layouts for DotNetNuke skins

Issue 25 of DNN Creative Magazine has been released. - This is our second year anniversary!

In this issue we demonstrate how to create advanced pure CSS search engine optimized skin layouts.

These techniques were developed for the new DNN Creative skin. Following the release of the DNN Creative skin we have responded to the requests of our subscribers for tutorials covering how to create these SEO CSS skins.

Continuing the SEO CSS skin layout tutorials we also explore multiple skin layout techniques and reducing CSS code through the skinname.css file.

These are advanced and flexible techniques for improving your pure CSS skins.

This issue comes complete with 8 videos.

Pure CSS SEO Layouts for DotNetNuke skins
(7 videos – 64mins)

Multiple skin layouts using skinname.CSS
(1 video – 8mins)

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