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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

DotNetNuke Tutorials: Working with images

Here is a whole series of DotNetNuke Video Tutorials released in issue 2 of DNN Creative Magazine all related to working with images. There is also a series of tutorials covering advanced techniques for managing pages, plus mp3 interviews covering web design and Google Sitemaps.

Module Video Reviews / Tutorials - Images and Gallery Modules

Scott McCulloch Simple Gallery Module
(22 mins)

Spohn Software Over and Out Images Module
(12 mins)

WDK Solutions wildPortfolio Module
(34 mins)

ZLDNN Photo Album Module
(19 mins)


Beginners Guides:

Working with images in DotNetNuke - Free

Beginners guide to HTML - Free

DotNetNuke® Core Modules:

The DotNetNuke Images module - Video (5 mins)


Advanced Page Settings - 3 x Videos (18 mins)

Managing Pages - Video (4 mins)


DotNetNuke® and Http Compression - Free

MP3 DotNetNuke Interviews

Google Sitemaps with John Mueller (23 mins)

How did they build …? The Bi4ce DotNetNuke website with Chris Chodnicki and Kevin Schreiner (42 mins)


RSS an Introduction - Free


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