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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Issue 7 - Developing and Enhancing DotNetNuke Skins

March Issue 7 Released

I am pleased to announce that issue 7 of DNN Creative Magazine has been released.

In this issue we have released a free pure CSS skin ‘Simple Red Leaf’ which has many advantages over the traditional table based skin, such as: accessibility, flexibility, print view, search engine friendly, small file size, etc.

Alongside the CSS skin are supporting documents to help you get started with creating your own CSS skins, covering techniques for improving skin and module coding standards, minimising CSS code, enabling browsers to operate in standards compliance mode and techniques for testing skins.

Following some of the techniques developed in this CSS skin we have documented how to add some of the features to your own skins. This includes how to enable skins to use resizable text within Internet Explorer and how to replace the Solpart menu with the HouseMenu.

These elements are demonstrated in our series of how to build a website using DotNetNuke.

Laurence Neville has also taken the time to share his experiences of creating a DotNetNuke website in Hebrew, which raises some interesting issues, such as setting the text to display from right to left.

This issue comes complete with 10 video tutorials and a free skin.


Best Practices

XHTML and best practice coding for skins and modules in DotNetNuke
- Free

Testing a DotNetNuke skin - Free

CSS Shorthand code in DotNetNuke - Free


Quirks, Standard Compliance modes and Doc Types - Free

How to install and configure the House of Nuke menu for a DotNetNuke skin - Video Tutorial
(4 videos, skin and container - 25min)

How to remove the Solpart menu from a container - Video Tutorial - Free

How to create resizable text within DotNetNuke - Video Tutorial
(5 Videos, skin and container - 50min)

Free Skin:
Simple Red Leaf Skin Simple Red Leaf – DotNetNuke CSS Skin - Free

How did they build …?, looking at website design and languages with Laurence Neville - Free interviews

Website enhancements:

Mirror server added: Responding to requests, we have increased the performance of the video downloads. We have added a mirror server, so you can choose to download from a server in America or the UK.

Downloads: To save you time, each issue will now have all of the videos for that issue as a single zip download on the main issue page.

Credit Cards: We now accept credit cards for payment of a subscription to DNN Creative Magazine. If you wish to pay via credit card rather than PayPal, you can purchase a subscription through Snowcovered.

Support the Magazine

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to the magazine with your DotNetNuke news, articles, information and words of encouragement, it is really appreciated. Please help me to continue this work by subscribing to the magazine.

The subscription is only £20 / $35 for a year which gives you full access to the website – in 7 issues we have created 96 videos and 3.5 hours of MP3 interviews!

If you have any suggestions for the magazine, or requests, please do not hesitate to contact me, this magazine is for you.

Many thanks,

Lee Sykes
DNN Creative Magazine

View Issue 7

PS. Download Manager: There are currently 96 videos available for download on DNN Creative Magazine and they are quite large downloads. A good free utility that is available for managing your downloads is Go!Zilla.

* This programme allows you to schedule your downloads.
* It also automatically reconnects and resumes from download errors and disconnects.

I've found this to be an extremely helpful utility and can highly recommend it for easily scheduling and managing the downloads for all of the videos from DNN Creative Magazine.

You can download the free programme from:

PPS. View the RSS feeds page, keep up to date with the latest information, or display our articles on your website using the DNN Creative Magazine RSS Feeds.


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