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Monday, May 04, 2009

iFinity URL Master, OnyakTech Host Commander and Open Web Studio Tutorials for DotNetNuke

DNN Creative have released issue 44 of the DotNetNuke Magazine.

This issue demonstrates the iFinity URL Master module. The URL Master module is one of the essential modules for your DotNetNuke websites as it eliminates duplicate content from the Search Engines and creates Search Engine Optimised URLs.

This module allows you to:
  • Create Human and Search Engine friendly URLs
  • Lets you replace spaces in URLs with characters you specify, such as hyphens
  • Allows you to use your own keywords and phrases within the URLs for your DotNetNuke pages
  • Incorporates various options for custom redirects
This module is very useful for eliminating duplicate content and replacing old websites with new DotNetNuke sites.

Following this we demonstrate OnyakTech’s Host Commander module. This module has many useful functions for the Host Super User, such as scheduling SQL queries, view portal statistics for all portals from one area, view the data from the tables in your database, and execute stored procedures.

Next we have the second part of our new series on 'How to Build a Public Knowledge Base Module' using R2i’s Open Web Studio by Paul Deschenes. This instalment explores the actual coding process, showing you how to manually build a module so you can get a full understanding of building a query, using AJAX calls and OWS actions so that you can go on to build your own OWS modules of any type and requirement.

Included with the OWS tutorial this month is a ‘mini’ tutorial on how to import the configuration source code (which is provided with each tutorial) into Open Web Studio.

The final item in this issue is the latest installment from our DotNetNuke News series

This issue comes complete with 16 videos and 1 podcast!

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