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Thursday, October 14, 2010

ZLDNN Advanced Biz Map For DotNetNuke- 5 Videos

In this video tutorial we provide a detailed demonstration of the Advanced BizMap Module by ZLDNN. We show you step by step how to install and get the module up and running, we then demonstrate how to implement more advanced features such as layers, GeoRSS feed layers and how to define a maps center based on latitude and longitude data.

GeoSprawl DotNetNuke Locator Module Tutorial - 5 Videos
The videos contain:

Video 1 - Introduction, Installation, How to Add a New Map and Configuring Map Settings

Video 2 - Working with BizMap Markers, Defining Latitude and Longitude, Driving Directions

Video 3 - Defining the Map Center, Working With Layers

Video 4 - How to Use the GeoRSS Feed Feature and Using the Map View Module

Video 5 - Using the Map List Module and the Marker List Module

ZLDNN Advanced Biz Map For DotNetNuke- 5 Videos

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