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Monday, December 05, 2005

Video Tutorial: Installing DotNetNuke 3.2 to a website hosting provider

This free video tutorial demonstrates how to install DotNetNuke® 3.2 to a hosting provider. We demonstrate this using Server Intellect as our hosting provider (In a shared hosting environment).

Video 1 covers:

  • Configuring your hosting provider server (using Helm Control Panel)
  • Adding a website domain name
  • Using a domain alias (Temporary URL) (we use this while waiting for the Nameserver settings to take effect – approx 24 / 48 hours)
  • How to create a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • How to create a User and Password to access the SQL Server database
  • How to set which version of ASP.NET to use (1.1 or 2.0)
  • Downloading the DotNetNuke® code, extracting the zip
  • Editing the release.config file and creating the web.config file
  • Adding the SQL database connection string to the web.config file
Time Length: 15:42
Download size: 11.6MB

Video 2 covers:
  • Final checks to make to the server settings before uploading the DotNetNuke® files
  • How to find a free FTP programme
  • Uploading the DotNetNuke® files via FTP using AceFTP3
  • How to start the installation process of DotNetNuke® using a temporary URL
  • 24 hours later configuring DotNetNuke® to use the actual URL
  • How to configure the portal aliases for DotNetNuke®
  • Final security changes you need to make
Time Length: 14:21
Download size: 10.8MB

Video Tutorial: Installing DotNetNuke 3.2 to a website hosting provider


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