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Friday, April 07, 2006

DotNetNuke Performance Enhacements

There's an interesting discussion happening in the forums disussing who's DNN installation is the fastest. - You can have a read of it here:

It covers some of the techniques they are using to increase the performance of DotNetNuke.

It reminds me of the time when I was seriously into overclocking and would spend hours tweaking motherboard settings to squeeze another Mhz out of the CPU!

Reading the post reminded me that I had disabled the Blowery compression from my DotNetNuke installation and that I should re-enable it immediately. - This is one of the quickest and easiest methods you can use to increase the performance of your installation.

Basically using the HTTP compression technique reduces the size of your pages, therefore decreasing the page load times for your users. - I'm also hoping this will save me bandwidth costs as well, but I guess it depends on how the hosting provider works out the bandwidth useage. - I will wait and see on that, but potentially it is going to cut my Bandwidth useage for this month by 10.2GB - a pretty big saving.

Here's some figures from sites I have just compressed:
Site 1
Before: 75.71kb
After: 18.97kb

Site 2
Before: 13.2kb
After: 6.6kb

Site 3
Before: 30.15kb
After: 8.61kb

If you want to learn how to enable compression, here is an article on how to set up DotNetNuke HTTP Compression

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