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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Markit Modules Slideshow and PageEar, DNN Stuff's Module Rotator, Monitter4DNN and Open Web Studio Tutorials for DotNetNuke

DNN Creative have released issue 45 of the DotNetNuke Magazine.

This issue starts with Markit Modules Slideshow module. This module is useful for displaying your featured articles and products as an image, text content or you can even display an existing module within a slideshow in a similar manner to the home page.

Still with Markit Modules, the next tutorial covers the free PageEar module which allows you to place Page Peel advertisements on your DotNetNuke websites.

Next, we show you how to use DNN Stuff’s Module Rotator. This module allows you to rotate the content of multiple modules in the space of a single module. You can configure the module rotator to rotate modules each time the page loads, or you can also configure a timer to rotate through modules in milliseconds.

Following this we explore Joe Brinkman's free Monitter for DNN module. This simple module allows you to easily display a real-time feed of twitter search results on your website.

Also released with this issue is the much anticipated third part of our series on How to Build a Public Knowledge Base Module using R2i’s Open Web Studio by Paul Deschenes. This instalment explores how to build the user search page for searching knowledge base articles.

We show you how to:
  • Implement record paging
  • Column sorting
  • Create a categories module
  • Create a print function for the articles
  • Add an articles rating feature
Finally, we have a podcast covering the latest DotNetNuke News.

This issue comes complete with 14 videos and 1 podcast!

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