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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Open Web Studio (OWS) Video Tutorials Parts 1 to 6 Complete

Over the past 6 months we have been running a series of episodes on the DotNetNuke Open Web Studio Module which is available as a free download from

The series is now complete with episodes 1 to 6 available to download as video tutorials.These tutorials aim to introduce the beginner to Open Web Studio and demonstrate how to create a functional web application with little or no coding experience required.

The Series

This series takes the viewer through six episodes, where at the end the viewer will have a fully functional Technical Knowledge Base application.

Open Web Studio is a free robust tool for building data bound forms, modules, utilities and more.

Major Framework Features of Open Web Studio:
  • Zero Footprint
  • Browser based IDE environment
  • Rapid change maintenance
  • Universal Data Binding
  • Rich Debugging
  • Supports AJAX, JSON, REST
  • Create distributable OWS applications for DNN, Sharepoint, .Net applications
The Episodes can be viewed here:

Part 1 - Getting Started, An Introduction to R2i Open Web Studio

Part 2 - Building Module Interfaces

Part 3 - The User Search Interface

Part 4 - Personalization, Text Editor, Logging and Reporting

Part 5 - Debugging, Enhanced Reporting, Importing Records and Scheduling

Part 6 - Making It Cool - Creating A Mashup



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