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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Package a Skin for DotNetNuke 5

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to package a skin for DotNetNuke 5. This method is the new method which includes a .dnn manifest file

The new DotNetNuke 5 method provides additional options when installing. For instance, you can display release notes and a license which the user must agree to before they can install the skin. It also provides the possibility to automatically install any skin objects that your skin requires at the same time, for instance if you are using a menu.

This makes the installation process for the end-user much more streamlined and much less prone to errors. However this method of packaging requires a little more work from the skin developer and that is what we cover in detail in this tutorial.

The videos contain:
  • Video 1 - Introduction, How to Configure the DotNetNuke 5 Skin Package
  • Video 2 - How to create thumbnail preview images for a skin
  • Video 3 - How to Create the Skin, Container, Skin Object Installation Packages
  • Video 4 - How to combine the Contents of the Skin, Container, Skin Object Packages
  • Video 5 - Skin Package .dnn Manifest File
  • Video 6 - Merging the .dnn Manifest Files
  • Video 7 - Creating, Installing and Testing the Skin Installation Zip Package
  • Video 8 - How to Create a Skin .dnn Manifest File Using the Components Method
View the tutorial: How to Package a Skin for DotNetNuke 5

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