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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Skinning with DotNetNuke 5 Super Stylesheets Layouts - 12 Videos

In this video tutorial we demonstrate how to use Super Stylesheets in DotNetNuke for quickly and easily designing the layout of your DotNetNuke skin.

Super Stylesheets are ideal for both beginner and experienced skin designers, the advantage of Super Stylesheets is that you can easily create a skin layout which works in all browsers without the need to learn complex CSS techniques.

We show you how to build a skin from the very beginning using Super Stylesheets.

Skinning with DotNetNuke Super Stylesheets The videos contain:

Video 1 - Introduction to the Super Stylesheets DNN Layouts and Initial Setup

Video 2 - Setting Up the Skin Layout Template Code

Video 3 - Using the ThreeCol-Portal Layout Template for a Skin

Video 4 - How to Add Tokens to the Skin

Video 5 - Setting Background Colors for Content Panes and Creating CSS Containers

Video 6 - How to Create a Footer Area and Reset the Default Styles

Video 7 - How to Style the Text in the Content, Left and Right Panes

Video 8 - SEO Skin Layouts for DotNetNuke Tokens

Video 9 - Creating Several Skin Layouts Using the Layout Templates

Video 10 - Further Layout Templates and MultiLayout Templates

Video 11 - SEO Layout Template Skins

Video 12 - Final SEO Positioning of the Skin Code

Skinning with DotNetNuke Super Stylesheets - DNN Layouts

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