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Thursday, May 04, 2006

DotNetNuke - Content, Styling, CSS and Solpart - 16 Videos (127 in total)

Issue 9 of DNN Creative Magazine is now out.

This issue continues the development of CSS, from skin design to adding content and builds on the previous tutorials in issue 8.

Within the How to build a website series using DotNetNuke, we continue adding content to the website. This looks at basic techniques through to advanced powerful styling options using the FCKEditor and CSS.

Following the CSS skinning tutorials, this month we explore how to create pure CSS containers. Alongside this we have also released an updated version of the free ‘Simple Red Leaf’ CSS skin, which is completely valid to W3C standards.

We also uncover the SolPartMenu and provide some quick tips for setting up the menu with your skins.

Finally, for all of the beginners to DotNetNuke, we have updated, expanded and improved the content of the free DotNetNuke Quick Start Guide.

This issue comes complete with 16 video tutorials.

The CSS container and styling techniques outlined here are compatible with both tables and CSS based skins.

Check out the introduction videos below.

Styling Text using CSS and the FCK Editor
Styling text using CSS and the FCKEditor


Beginners Guides

DotNetNuke Quick Start Guide - Video Tutorial (Updated) - Free
(3 videos - 40min)

Adding Content

Styling and formatting (part 2) – Text/HTML module and FCKEditor
(9 videos - 69min) --> (watch the introduction video) (10.8MB)


How to create CSS containers in DotNetNuke
(4 videos - 35min) --> (watch the introduction video) (2.7MB)

The SolPartMenu uncovered - Free

Free Skin
Simple Red Leaf – DotNetNuke CSS Skin - Free
(Updated, version 1.2 released)

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